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I want to express my most sincere thanks for all that you did to help make the past seven years such an extraordinary success…It was an honor to have you on my team.

- Christine Todd Whitman, Former Governor NJ

Eileen got me through the Medicare process with great attention to the details and nuances of the system and helped me with emotional support and understanding all at the same time. I am now happily enrolled with the right plan and enjoying the benefits of being 65. Thanks Eileen

- Aimee H

Both Therese and I want to thank you for handling all our Medicare needs. You simplified everything and made the process enjoyable. 

Looking to working w/you in the near future. Will see you next Wednesday 10/17/12 @10.00am.

- Sincerely, Jack & Therese Paul

It has been a real pleasure to work with you. You have been awesome to work with and have always provided amazing coverage and service for my family as well. Good luck!

- Gayle and Seth Kenter, A-Ok Locksmiths

Dear Eileen,
Just want you to know that you are the best there is. Linda called me and we are working things thru. I would not have found her if it hadn't been for you and your referral.

I hope you always know that you can count on us to give you the highest recommendation there is. Without folks like you in the business, we would be stuck with lunk-heads and be totally untrusting of insurance agents in general.

Anytime you need something in return, it's yours for the asking. Thanks again for your help.

- Ann B. Fisher, Promo Graphics Inc.

Dear Eileen,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. 

Details of the Recommendation: "Eileen is one of those truly dedicated people; hard working, honest, and caring. During consults at her office I saw this "gangbuster" in action. She never waits until a client asks about possible benefits due them; she takes the bull by the horns and CALLS THE CLIENT telling them details of what services they can utilize. Eileen spends time explaining and researching the best possible coverage and rates for her clients. No where on this planet can you find a more honest and compassionate person much less insurance agent. She is that rare gem that many people never get the chance to experience."

- Ina Klasko
IK Associate Computer/Technology Training